Anal Sex toys and Anal play for beginners

Anal Sex toys and Anal play for beginners

Why try backdoor play?

Anal play is anything sexual stimulation of the anus or anal area. The stimulation maybe involve fingers, toys, tongues, and penises. Back in my days as a sex toy consultant, anal play was the no-go zone for most of my clients. It’s totally understable. Our society has many taboos when it comes to butts and sex. Many women are taught that good girls don’t do that or it’s dirty.

Why should you give it a try? Basically, anal play feels good. If you do it right, anal stimulation feels very, very good. The anal area has many, very sensitive nerve endings. With the right touch, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to try it.

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom ?

If that's the case you could give anal play a try, you don't have to necessarily jump into anal sex but it can warm things up pretty rapid.

Whilst anal sex could still be a little taboo, it seems that anal sex may be on the rise! Anal sex is primarily growing in popularity with couples under age 45.

It has been hypothesized that anal and vaginal orgasms are similar (same rhythmic pelvic floor movement, different body parts being stimulated), and with sexual exploration on the rise, it is easy to see why so many more people are keen to explore anal play.

However, for some, anal play/sex is still seen as a little scary. A lot of people worry about the pain, and some have previously partaken it without adequate preparation. Everyone has a different story so it can be a little hard to figure out what is what and as a beginner, this can make things particularly daunting. In that light, here’s everything you need to know about anal play!

What does it feel like?

You can feel every inch of whatever anal sex toy or finger you choose to penetrate yourself with. Call it sensory overload; it can get a little intense, which is why it’s best to take your time and enjoy.

Start slow, small and relax

With anal play, there is no need to jump the gun. Start small with a finger during masturbation. Then slowly work your way up toy sizes before getting down with someone. After all, anal penetration isn’t just about penises or dildos. If you’d like some nice butt plugs feel free to browse through our anal sex toys category.

It would be best if you also went extremely slow and be relaxed. Imagine a suitable tempo in your mind and then go half the speed of that initially. Anal sex always has to have a build-up, even for seasoned professionals. So take your time, take a deep breath, and once you’re comfortable, maybe then you can crank up the speed. Let your body tell you what feels good.

Lube is your best friend

Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating, so ensure to only partake in anal play with a form of lubricant. Don’t be shy to continue adding along as you go. Friction is your foe, so to minimise the chances of being in pain, make sure you are drowning in lube.

Accept that slip-ups may occur

Due to the nature of the activity, slip-ups and messes are bound to happen, but amid that heat and ecstasy, people are unlikely to care too much. There comes a time where you have to accept that there will be poop involved, even if you wash or use an enema. Sex isn’t the most sterile of activities anyway, so don’t worry about it.

The position you choose matters

Not all sex positions are created equal, so make sure you choose one that is comfortable for both of you. The most popular regarding anal sex is “doggy”. However, feel free to experiment and see what works for you.

If you are engaging in anal play without a partner, the position you choose will still matter. Some people like to lay on their side with one leg raised, whereas others prefer to be on their back. Don’t be afraid to get experimental!

Explore and enjoy!

You never know what it’ll be like until you’ve tried it. Anal play can be uncomfortable, but it should never be painful, if it is, stops what you’re doing! It’s ok to be nervous, but with both mental and physical preparation, it should be fine. It’s good to remember that vaginal intercourse can hurt too without adequate protective measures, so be safe!